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Erin Walker, a professor in the School of Computing, Informatics and Decision Systems Engineering, is conducting a research study to determine how to create an effective, personalizable textbook. Students can participate in this study by attending a 2-hour evaluation session for which they will receive $10/hour.

During the session you will be asked to (1) be mentored in using concept mapping, (2) take a questionnaire to assess your prior knowledge on the topic of the study, (3) read a select portion of text, (4) study a select topic, (5) create a concept map, and (6) take another questionnaire to assess your learning gains. You have the right to stop the session at any time and your compensation will not be affected.

The date of the study is still to be determined. The location will be at the Brickyard Building on Tempe campus [map].

For more information, read a letter from Dr. Walker or contact James Rodriquez,, with questions or to sign-up as a potential participant.