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Apply to PitchFunder to help raise funds for your engineering organization, event or project. Through crowdfunding, PitchFunder can help provide you with the funding, training, tools and technology needed to achieve your goals. 

The average PitchFunder campaign:
  • Raises $4,500 from around 55 donors.
  • Is powered by a fundraising team of 20 people.
  • Is “live” for 30 days, but requires about three months of commitment from start to finish.
  • Requires you to work with ASU faculty and/or staff to create the accounts necessary to fundraise through the ASU Foundation.

PitchFunder was launched by the ASU Foundation for a New American University.

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The engineering team 33 Buckets passed their crowdfunding goal twice using PitchFunder, raising over $10,000 to bring clean water to a rural village in Bangladesh.