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Pingbo Tang

Progress in the research and development of remote sensing and information modeling technology for construction and infrastructure management is among accomplishments that led Pingbo Tang to be awarded the Recent Alumni Achievement Award from the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

Tang is an assistant professor in the Del E. Webb School of Construction Programs in the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment.

He earned his doctoral degree from Carnegie Mellon in 2009. Since then he has helped advance building information modeling, which is critical to doing the spatial analyses necessary for effective management of construction sites, constructed facilities and civil infrastructure systems.

Carnegie Mellon’s award announcement also notes Tang’s work on three-dimensional data quality, spatial data processing workflows and bridge management. Tang has published more than 40 peer-reviewed conference and journal articles. His articles are frequently cited by researchers in areas ranging from civil engineering to geoscience and computer science.

The alumni awards were formally presented September 29.