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Learn a step-by-step algorithm for creating innovations that can succeed in the marketplace by registering for FSE 294: Introduction to Systematic Innovation.

The Introduction to Systematic Innovation course introduces the latest thinking on perhaps the most overused, misunderstood concept of the 21st century—innovation. After exposing many of the current myths around innovation, students will learn and practice a proven step-by-step algorithm that can succeed in the marketplace. The course will arm students with a new level of skill that can be applied to technical problems as well as nontechnical ones, e.g., business, social, logistics and organizational. These skills can be a foundation for increasing likelihood of success in engineering, business, sustainability or any kind of scientific research activity.

The FSE 294 Introduction to Systematic Innovation (83790) course is taught by David Troness and will be offered in the fall 2014 semester in a hybrid online format with a class meeting on Thursdays from 4:40-5:30 p.m. This course meets an Entrepreneurship course requirement for Grand Challenge Scholars Program students.