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Eta Kappa Nu ASU Chapter Class of 2015

Members of the HKN Epsilon Beta Chapter at this year’s Induction Ceremony. Photographer Jessica Hochreiter/ASU

Open to sophomores, juniors and seniors, HKN Epsilon Beta provides outreach and networking opportunities for more than 100 high-achieving engineering students.

Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) is the international honors society for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). HKN Epsilon Beta, Arizona State University’s HKN chapter, brings together the highest performing students studying electrical engineering, computer engineering, computer systems engineering, computer science and biomedical engineering—all IEEE-designated fields of interest.

In addition to attracting award-winning and high-achieving students, the HKN Epsilon Beta Chapter has been earning chapter awards.

In 2014, the Chapter earned an Outstanding Chapter Award from the IEEE-HKN national organization for the 5th year in a row.

Only around 20 of the 200 chapters receive this annual award that recognizes undergraduate chapters with the most impressive records of scholarship and activities.

Benefits to students

These impressive activities included the HKN Career Mixer held during the fall semester, which brought together employers such as Intel, Texas Instruments, APS, Kimley Horne, Electron II International and Chrysler to network with more than 170 ASU students.

“Events like these put students’ names in front of recruiters and help foster a better relationship between ASU and industry,” said George Chen, president of the HKN Epsilon Beta Chapter and recipient of the “Outstanding Professional Development Organization Leader Award,” at this semester’s Student Organization Awards and Recognition Ceremony hosted by the Fulton Schools of Engineering.

Other successful activities included company tours of Freescale Semiconductor, Medtronic and the Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant.

“In addition to networking opportunities, these tours help students to visualize what their day-to-day life after graduation could be if they put in the hard work now,” said Chen.

Students also have the opportunity to be included in the HKN Resume Book—a book with HKN student resumes that increases chances of securing interviews with leading companies such as Texas Instruments, Microsoft, Microchip and Freescale The resume book offers an alternative to submitting resumes to an online portal where they often seem lost among hundreds of other applicants.

“As a result of the resume book about 20-30 students have received interviews from Texas Instruments in the past two semesters,” said Chen.

HKN students also participate in community outreach, including the Night of the Open Door and DiscoverE Day, the Fulton Schools engineering open house, where they provided LED demonstrations for hundreds of K-12 students.

“We want kids to recognize the amazing things made possible when you study computer science, or electrical, computer or biomedical engineering,” said Chen.

A meritorious induction

Eta Kappa Nu ASU Chapter, Class of 2015 Induction

Students at the 2015 HKN Induction Ceremony. Photographer Jessica Hochreiter/ASU

Though the HKN Epsilon Beta Chapter generally inducts students, professors and professionals can be inducted for meritorious work in an IEEE-related field.

On April 24, 2015 the club inducted Gary Tooker, ASU electrical engineering alumnus, former Motorola CEO and generous Fulton Schools supporter.

“HKN wasn’t established when Mr. Tooker graduated in 1962, and as a result we want to honor his achievements and thank him for supporting Fulton Schools students,” said Weidong Ye, treasurer of the HKN Epsilon Beta Chapter.

In honor of his contributions to the engineering profession, the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) elected Tooker to become a member in 1996, one of the highest honors an engineer can receive.

The HKN Epsilon Beta Chapter has inducted 80 members in the last two years and has more than 100 active members on campus.

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