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Computer engineering doctoral student Imane Lamrani will see some of the leading research labs in France this summer.

Computer engineering doctoral student Imane Lamrani will see some of the leading research labs in France this summer.

Arizona State University computer engineering doctoral student Imane Lamrani is preparing to embark on an educational adventure in Europe this summer.

She is one of 10 computer science and computer engineering doctoral students at universities in the United States selected from 120 applicants to participate in the French-American Doctoral Exchange Program.

Lamrani will spent a week in early July at seminars and workshops in the French cities of Grenoble and Rennes, and attend a research conference in Paris.

She is doing her doctoral research in the iMPACT (intelligent, mobile, pervasive, autonomous, computing and communication technologies) research lab directed by Professor Sandeep Gupta, chair of the computer engineering graduate program and supervisor for Lamrani’s doctoral studies.

The French-American Doctoral Exchange Program program is organized by the Office of Science and Technology of the Embassy of France in the United States. It seeks to foster future French-American scientific collaborations by gathering American and French doctoral students in similar fields to share knowledge about their work.

This summer’s exchange program focuses on cyber-physical systems — “smart” systems that are co-engineered interacting networks of physical and computational components — and their applications in manufacturing, transportation, energy, civil infrastructure, healthcare and aerospace technologies and other areas.

Lamrani’s research interests include cyber physical systems security. She will give presentations about her research during the exchange program activities at the INRIA research center in Grenoble — France’s largest research organization dedicated to computer science — and at LIP6 – Laboratoire d’Informatique de Paris, a national computer science research laboratory involved in numerous international research projects.

The seminar in Rennes is the the IRISA laboratory, which conducts cross-disciplinary research in information technology and digital sciences, including computing, applied mathematics and signal and image processing.

Lamrani says that engaging in cross-disciplinary and international research is one of her biggest career aspirations, and she hopes her time in France is a first step in that direction.

“I’m honored that I will be an ambassador for the Fulton Schools in this exchange program,” she says.