Countdown to Career Fair in five weeks — Joyce’s Career Tip of the Week

It’s time or create or update your résumé! A well-crafted and effective résumé is not something that can be written quickly. Doing the job well requires a great deal of thought and serious introspection. You need to consider the reader. Recruiters and hiring managers look for the skills and experiences they listed in job descriptions.

Now is the time that you should be looking to see which organizations will be attending the career fair. You should be reviewing their websites, reading job descriptions and identifying those companies you want to connect with the most. When creating (or revising) your résumé, make sure to include the skills and experiences that indicate you are a fit for the positions you are seeking.

As students in the Fulton Schools, you have Optimal Résumé to help you. You can access Optimal Résumé through Sun Devil CareerLink.

Follow us on Facebook – Fulton Schools Career Center. The peer coaches have been busy creating videos, and you can find them on our Facebook page. See what the coaches want you to know about Sun Devil CareerLink and Optimal Résumé.

Graduate and undergraduate students in Tempe can schedule appointments by calling 480-965-2966.

Polytechnic students can schedule appointments online.

Don’t wait until the eleventh hour. Connect with us now!


Joyce Donahue is a career counselor in the Fulton Schools Career Center. She is a nationally certified career counselor and holds “Master Career Counselor” membership status in the National Career Development Association.