As you progress through your studies at the Fulton Schools, you have more opportunities to help your peers in a variety of leadership positions, and to inspire future Sun Devil engineers and technologists as community ambassadors.

Be the face of the Fulton Schools

Fulton Ambassadors are a select group of students who share their perspective with prospective students at recruitment events and outreach activities. These outgoing student volunteers give tours, host students on shadow days, share personal experiences and get the word out about opportunities available at the Fulton Schools. They represent all majors at the Fulton Schools on both the Tempe and Polytechnic campuses.

Meet the Tempe campus Fulton Ambassadors and the Polytechnic campus Fulton Ambassadors.

For a minimal time commitment (10 hours per semester), you can develop professional and leadership skills, and receive a letter of recommendation from the dean!

Do you want to be a Fulton Ambassador? Polytechnic-campus-based students can apply year-round. Tempe-campus-based students should watch Inner Circle for application opportunity announcements.


Be a leader in the classroom

You can also be a leader in the classroom as an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, or UGTA, or an ASU 101 Section Leader. Successful sophomores, juniors and seniors are chosen to serve as teaching assistants in a variety of Fulton Schools classes, including ASU 101, FSE 100 and EGR 101.

In these roles you can assist faculty members with exploratory and collaborative learning activities. You can help students by being a role model, acting as a cultural bridge from high school to a university environment, promoting students’ self confidence and self reliance.
UGTAs and Section Leaders spend about five hours per week assisting a faculty member in the classroom or lab and preparing for activities.

Civil engineering undergrad Jalen Knox has enhanced his undergraduate experience by serving as an undergraduate teaching assistant. After assisting with the CEE 210 (Statics) course, Knox says, “Being a UGTA enhanced my knowledge of structural analysis and was a great opportunity for me to hone my communication skills and to be a tutor for others.”

This is a great way to improve your communication and leadership skills and develop a working relationship with faculty and students in your program. UGTAs receive a $1,000 stipend at the end of the semester, and Section Leaders receive $500 per section (with a maximum of two sections) at the end of the semester.

Talk with your professor about getting involved as a UGTA for a specific class, or watch for application openings on the UGTA website.


Peer mentors help students who live on or off campus

Residential peer mentors are upper-division Fulton students who live and work in the Fulton Schools Residential Community and within the Barrett Complex. You can help freshmen by serving as a resource for academic and social success.

Off-campus peer mentors help build a Fulton Schools identity and connection with freshmen who don’t live on campus. They share knowledge about Fulton Schools resources, services and events and serve as a friendly person who students can recognize as a mentor and leader.

Do you think you’d be a good peer mentor? Watch Inner Circle for information about open positions and information sessions to help you learn more about these opportunities.


Make on-campus living fun and engaging

Remember the whirlwind of confusion that was your first days at university? The transition to university life can be a challenge, but residential community leaders are here to help. Become a residential community leader and make a difference in new students’ success, keep them engaged in the community, connect them with other Fulton Schools resources and create a great residential community environment.

Community assistants are community leaders on each floor of a residence hall. As a community assistant, you are expected to actively build relationships with other students on their floor community, serving as a mentor, resource referral and role model to others. Community assistants plan activities for residents to help keep freshmen engaged with the Fulton Schools. It’s a prestigious, competitive and ultimately rewarding leadership position.

If you’d like to help our students and know how to have fun, watch Inner Circle for how you can get involved.


Help your peers with academic success

Did you ace that math class, physics class, or other science or engineering classes? Student tutors at the Fulton Schools Tutoring Centers provide academic support to our undergrads so they, too, can do well in their classes.

Tutors help their fellow students with physics, math, computer science and other engineering disciplines on the Tempe and Polytechnic campuses, as well as online. As a tutor you’ll help students improve their science and engineering understanding through drop-in tutoring sessions. Check out tutors’ schedules to get an idea of when tutors work.

Tutors can also work online to provide one-on-one help through Adobe Connect drop-in “classrooms” on a first-come, first-served basis. The tutoring centers have recently expanded Virtual tutoring to provide more hours and more classes. These Virtual sessions are available to any Fulton Schools student, whether you attend at one of the ground campuses or online. Check out what classes are offered and when.

Watch for upcoming tutoring positions on Inner Circle and the tutoring website.


Lead study groups for your peers

If you have excelled in some of courses and enjoy helping fellow Fulton Schools students to excel in their courses, apply to become a Study Group Lead. You will work within the Fulton Schools to provide academic support for students. Study Group Leaders provide small group academic review and support to students in targeted high stakes courses. They do so by creating learning plans, using peer support techniques, and leading subject specific study groups in key subjects.

Watch Inner Circle for opportunities.


Help new students succeed

Do you have an interest in helping new Fulton Schools students succeed and thrive in their first year and beyond? Becoming a Section Leader and Executive Section Leader may be for you! Section Leaders are successful undergraduate students who serve as teaching assistants in ASU 101 classes. Section Leader in every assist faculty members with exploratory and collaborative learning activities, and at times lead sessions and learning. Section Leader act as a cultural bridge from high school to the university environment, helping freshmen to navigate the institution, promote self-confidence and self-reliance, act as role models who demonstrate personal and academic success, and may hold office sessions.

Past Section Leaders can then become Executive Section leaders, who serve as a channel of communication and student support working directly with our school appointed/major specific retention specialists and participating faculty chairs.

Watch Inner Circle for opportunities.


Assist your peers with career exploration and job searching

As we make our way through career fair and recruiting season at ASU you’ve likely come in contact with the Fulton Schools Career Center’s peer career coaches. These student leaders help their fellow students explore career options in their major through one-on-one meetings and workshops. As you’ve already navigated the world of career exploration, internship searches and more, why not use that experience to help others?

In addition to those experiences, undergraduate and graduate student coaches are trained in career development, résumé writing, job search resources and other areas related to career exploration and obtaining degree-related employment.

These coaches, who work at various locations on the Tempe and Polytechnic campuses, become skilled in job search tools, get valuable networking experiences and learn first-hand what employers are looking for on a résumé. Graduate student coaches even get interviewing experience from the other end of the interviewing table.

If you’re passionate about helping other students be successful in their career development, look for openings in Joyce’s Career Tip of the Week on Inner Circle!


Govern student orgs and campus life

The Fulton Schools Student Council is the governing body of Fulton Schools students. This leadership group strives to cultivate strong engineering and technology professionals.

The council serves as the voice for all registered Fulton student organizations and organizes events like social mixers and open forums. The Fulton Schools Student Council also is responsible for many Fulton Schools traditions — including the Fulton Schools Homecoming float, Engineering E-Week and trebuchet launches — and creates new ones!

As a member of the Fulton Schools Student Council, you have the opportunity to develop leadership skills, understand organizational structures, network with Fulton Schools faculty and staff, and serve as a conduit for communication between students, student organizations and the dean to help shape the future of the college.

Watch the Fulton Schools Student Council’s application page for available positions.


Assist the next generation of engineers over the summer

Each year, we host a number of summer camps that engage K-12 students in science, technology, engineering and math-related activities to inspire a passion for STEM. From robotics to mobile app creation, we share the excitement of engineering and technology with aspiring future engineers and problem solvers. You can help show these young students what it’s like to be an engineer at the Fulton Schools.

Faculty and staff often recommend exceptional students to serve as counselors and the K-12 Engineering Education team has their eyes out for those that are volunteering and doing engineering outreach.

Make sure to work hard to impress your professors and faculty advisors, K-12 Engineering Education team and mentors!


Introduce new freshmen to the Fulton Schools

We hope you all had a great time at E2 before your freshman year! You likely made new friends and got an inside look at the Fulton Schools from the upper division students who serve as camp counselors, or E2C2s, as well as E2 Leads and E2 Recruitment Assistants.

As an E2C2, you can help incoming students throughout camp to learn skills that are important to their success at the Fulton Schools through a variety of fun and interactive activities.

E2 Recruitment Leads, or E2 Leads, are passionate about E2, have served as E2C2s for several summers and are active student leaders within the Fulton Schools community. As an E2 Lead, you oversee all E2 activities.

E2 Recruitment Assistants are the behind-the-scenes planners of E2. These important players at E2 also assist the R2 Lead and senior coordinator in getting incoming freshmen excited to attend E2 and help answer questions. As an E2 Recruitment Assistant you are responsible for reviewing all activities to make sure they’re the best and most innovative we can provide.

Watch for application instructions in Inner Circle in the spring.


Looking for more ways to get involved?

Connect with your peers this semester

Now is a good time to work on your career

Get involved in research as an undergrad

Be an innovator

Participate in Fulton Schools traditions