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In April 2018, Fulton Student Organizations hosted the annual Student Organization Awards and Recognition (SOAR) Ceremony to recognize the accomplishments of outstanding Fulton Student Organizations.

Kristina Halona, Antares Systems Engineering Lead at Orbital and former American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) Phoenix board member, served as the keynote speaker. Approximately 100 student organization leaders and supporters attended the event.

See who our 2017–2018 winners are and read about their accomplishments.


Fulton Student Organization Group Awards                      Funds Awarded to Organization


Sun Devil Racing, Outstanding Industry Support                               $500


Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers,

Best K-12 Outreach and Most Active Organization                            $300


Sun Devil Satellite Laboratory, Most Patiently Safe                           $200


Mechanical-Autonomous Vehicles Club,

Most Cooperatively Safe                                                                        $200


International Facility Management Association,

Outstanding Graduate Fulton Student Organization                          $300


Institute for Operations Research and Management Science

AND Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineer, Best

Community Builder                                                                                 $300


Fulton Student Council, Outstanding Project Management               $500


Engineers Without Borders, Best Fundraising                                      $300


Daedalus, Most Scientifically Safe                                                          $200


Construction Management Association of America,

Best Tour Safety Practices                                                                       $200


American Society of Civil Engineers, Outstanding

Undergraduate Fulton Student Organization                                        $500


Air Devils, PPE Commitment                                                                    $200


Fulton Student Organization Individual Awards                  Funds Awarded to Organization


William Craig, Most Willing To Be A Safety Change

Agent                                                                                                           $200


Valana Wells, Most Safety Supportive Advisor                                        $300


Timothy Takahashi, Outstanding Fulton

Student Organization Advisor                                                                   $500


Myrna Martinez, The Most Amazing Astounding

Extraordinary Impressive Marvelous Spectacular

Mind-Blowing Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Grandest Safety Mentor                                                                              N/A


Jeremia “Mia” Johnson, Outstanding Fulton

Student Organization Undergraduate

Emerging Leader                                                                                          $300


Daniel Tran, Outstanding Fulton

Student Organization Graduate

Emerging Leader                                                                                           $300


Cesar Castro, Outstanding Fulton

Student Organization Leader                                                                       $500


Benjamin Mertz, Most Involved

Advisor                                                                                                            $200