If you are an electrical engineering major with an emphasis on power systems, apply now to intern at Stantec‘s Phoenix office this fall!

Stantec is a professional consulting business in planning, engineering, architecture, environmental sciences and project management. 

The company’s Water Sector brings together top engineers and scientists to see water differently– as a single, holistic system rather than as unconnected networks divided by jurisdictional boundaries. Stantec believes in helping communities increase their water efficiency with sustainable, cost-effective strategies.

Your duties as an intern include:

  • Learning how to set up new CAD drawings and project files and maintaining file structure for projects.
  • Working with project managers and technical design staff to prepare drawing documentation.
  • Creating electronic data files in compliance with Stantec and client requirements.
  • Converting redlined drawings to document-ready work.
  • Publishing, posting and managing drawing sets.
  • Maintain drawing revisions.
  • Walking project sites to understand field conditions and/or observe construction progress.
  • Participating in Stantec Internal Training.
  • Observing and coordinating with Project Engineers and/or technical design staff.

Your capabilities and credentials include:

  • Being in the process of obtaining a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in Power.
  • Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Demonstrating a credible and trustworthy presence through professionalism, demeanor and technical knowledge.

It is preferred that you have a basic familiarity with power, grounding and lighting; a working knowledge of AutoCad; and the basic ability to interpret National Electric Code (NFPA 70). 

Think you’re a good fit for the position? Email your résumé and cover letter to Taylor.Ahrensdorf@stantec.com.