On Friday, October 4, 2019, ASU will be hosting a Falling Walls Lab forum that will connect into the Falling Walls Conference held in Berlin, Germany.Man receiving red card from robot arm

 Falling Walls Lab

The Falling Walls Lab is an international forum for the next generation of outstanding innovators and creative thinkers and feeds into the Conference component. Labs are hosted at academic institutions and participants get the opportunity to present their research work, business model or initiative to peers, a high-caliber jury made up of experts from academia and business and the general public — in three minutes each. The winner from the lab will be given the opportunity to present their work in front of a distinguished jury at the conference in November.

Eligibility criteria for participation is as follows:

Looking for:

  • Scholars, researchers and scientists (BA-students, MA-students, PhD/doctoral candidates and postdocs)
  • Entrepreneurs, engineers and young professionals (Startups, inventions, initiatives and business ideas)
  • Innovators from all areas – science, the humanities, arts, business and technology

Selection criteria:

  • If a person has a Bachelor’s degree, the degree should not date back more than 10 years.
  • If a person has a Master’s degree, the degree should not date back more than seven years.
  • If a person has a PhD, the degree should not date back more than five years.
  • Postdocs and students currently enrolled in university are also eligible to apply.
  • The applicant has to be of legal age (18 years or older) in order to participate in the Falling Walls Lab.

Falling Walls Conference

The Falling Walls Conference is an annual global gathering of forward-thinking individuals from 80 countries organized by the Falling Walls Foundation. Each year on November 9 – the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall – 20 of the world’s leading scientists are invited to Berlin to present their current breakthrough research. The aim of the Conference is to:

  • Identify trends, opportunities and solutions for global challenges and discover international breakthrough research.
  • Connect outstanding researchers from different disciplines and support the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas internationally.
  • Build bridges between business, politics, academia and the arts.
  • Promote the latest scientific findings among a broader audience.
  • Inspire people to break down walls in science and society.

Apply by Friday, September 9, 2019.