The ASU Graduate Women’s Association is seeking for graduate students to act as representatives for the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering.

Representatives (Estimated weekly time commitment: 1/2 hour)

Along with officers, representatives for each school, college and institute are elected in late April and serve for one year beginning in May and ending in May of the following year. Representatives may also be appointed to any unfilled position at any time. Representatives provide insight for GWA officers to develop upcoming events, determine financial needs and to shape policies that represent the needs of all graduate students. Representatives are responsible for A) reporting to the GWA about issues concerning their schools and colleges, B) assisting the Secretary of Public Affairs in promoting GWA events in their schools, colleges and institutes, C) attending GWA general meetings to report on their efforts and on relevant information and D) working directly with the Secretary of Public Affairs on publicity and outreach.

If you are interested in being a part of GWA as a representative please email

All the best for this school year!

Your officers 2019/2020:

Co-President – Edurne Beltrán de Heredia

Co-President – Shailaja Sampat

Secretary of Internal Affairs – Michelle Di Russo

Secretary of External Affairs – Anntiana Maral Sabeti

Treasurer – Victoria Woner