What would nature do?

The Biomimicry Center and School of Sustainability urge students to explore this question through the new undergraduate certificate in biomimicry. 

Biomimicry is a growing discipline that aims to apply designs and processes found in nature to create solutions for human challenges. This certificate, one of the first in the world, aims to help you integrate the principles of biomimicry into your discipline. 

Innovation inspired by nature is already seen in turbine blades modeled after whale fins or fiber optics designed like sea sponges. Biomimicry has applications in multiple fields, such as engineering, sustainability, architecture and design.

This interdisciplinary certificate is a total of 18 credits, which includes 12 credits of core courses and six credits of electives, plus a capstone. Courses include an introduction to biomimicry, the practice of biomimicry and how nature works. 

The undergraduate biomimicry certificate is open to students from any major with a minimum GPA of 3.0.  

Questions? Schedule an appointment with the Biomimicry Center staff at biomimicryadvising@asu.edu