Prepare for the fair — Jessica’s Career Tip of the Week

A student meets with a recruiter at Career Fair.It is that time again! The Fulton Schools Career Center will be hosting the Career Fair one of the most important events that you will ever attend here at ASU. Fulton Schools Career Fairs are next week: Graduate Day at the Tempe campus, Tuesday, February 18, 2020; Undergraduate Day at the Tempe campus, Wednesday, February 19, 2020; and Polytechnic Day, Thursday, February 20, 2020. My goal as a career development professional is to ensure that you present yourself in the best possible light; therefore, I am here to guide you through some important steps that will be integral to navigating this process with ease before and during the Career Fair.

Before the Career Fair, there is a checklist of items that you will need to implement in order to ensure that you are successful at the Career Fair. First and foremost, you will want to know your goals and what you would like to obtain from attending the Career Fair. For example, are you attending to obtain an internship or full-time job? Or are you attending because it is going to assist you with planning ahead that is, when you are ready to officially implement an internship or job search?

Here is the checklist of items that should be completed to prepare for the Career Fair (and these can be scheduled or accessed through Handshake):

  • Have your résumé critiqued, perfect your elevator pitch and participate in a mock interview session with a Career Development Professional or Peer Career Coach. You can make a one-on-one appointment.
  • Attend webinars to enhance your knowledge of a specific career development topic (e.g., Dress for Success).
  • Attend company information sessions to enhance your knowledge of the companies you are interested in.

In addition, you should also:

  • Attend the Rapid Résumé Review Event held on Friday, February 14, 2020, from noon–4 p.m.
  • Submit your résumé via Optimal Résumé if you are not able to come into the Career Center.
  • Know the companies you are interested in and conduct research on each company as well as on the specific job openings that they have available.
  • Apply to the companies/job openings that you are interested in via Handshake or apply on their website a week or two before the Career Fair.
  • Choose the proper professional attire. Business casual to more formal attire is recommended. Make sure to dress for the job that you want!

During the Career Fair, there is also a checklist of items that will need to be completed to ensure that you are successful while you are at the event. Here is the checklist of items that should be completed at this stage:

  • Make sure to arrive early so that you have time to navigate the backpack check-in line.
  • Download the Career Fair App (iOS or Android) so that you are able to successfully navigate the Career Fair. The app provides a map of the venue, the employers who are attending and Career Fair 101 (this includes some great tips on how to successfully navigate the Career Fair).
  • Apply the elevator pitch when you are speaking to recruiters.
  • Be prepared to present your résumé.
  • Bring copies of specific job descriptions and be prepared to speak to the recruiter about why you are a fit.
  • If you have already applied for the job, tell the recruiter you have applied and be prepared to discuss why you would be successful in this role.

Remember that your interactions with recruiters at the Career Fair is a two-way street you are evaluating them while they are also evaluating you to ensure that you are the right fit for the position(s) that are available within their organization. After the Career Fair, make sure to reflect on your interactions. We look forward to seeing you there!