A student shows off a prototype at Innovation Showcase

Engineers and scientists around the globe launch high-tech companies to move their ideas to the market. This three-credit courses are designed specifically for engineers and will take place during B Session this summer.It will follow and iCourse format, with Zoom syncs on Tuesdays from 2–4 p.m. Topics are approached from the perspective of the student whose primary interest is in technological innovation, whose primary concentration is engineering and who has little or no prior business education.

Studies show that the majority of innovative products and services in the economy evolve from entrepreneurial ventures. By providing knowledge and skills important to the creation and leadership of such startups, this technology commercialization course aims to train the founders and leaders of tomorrow’s high-tech ventures in the domains of assumption/hypothesis-testing, customer-focused discovery processes and business modeling, while also covering important aspects related to technological intellectual property generation, protection and strategy. Watch this and get in on the Technology Commercialization action

When: Summer 2020 Session B: Wednesday, July 1Tuesday, August 11, 2020
Format: iCourse (with Zoom Syncs on Tuesdays; 2–4 p.m. )
Instructor: Brent Sebold
Credit Hours: 3

  • FSE 494 SLN 48312
  • TEM 494 SLN 48302
  • FSE 598 SLN 48313
  • TEM 598 SLN 48304

Cost: https://students.asu.edu/tuitionandfees