This fall semester the SolarSPELL initiative is seeking multiple interns: one user experience intern, one user interface intern and one metadata intern.SolarSPELL logo

SolarSPELL is an offline digital library designed to bring educational content to resource-constrained locations that may lack electricity, internet connectivity and/or traditional libraries. The SolarSPELL library emits an offline Wi-Fi hotspot, to which any Wi-Fi capable device (smartphones, tablets, laptops) can connect and browse the expansive content for free.

With the recent establishment of a Global Strategic Partnership with Peace Corps, the SolarSPELL team anticipates expanding to many more countries around the world. SolarSPELL is taking this time being “grounded” in the US (since travel is limited) to greatly improve SolarSPELL libraries, both in content and in the offline “website” users connect to. The UI/UX interns will work with our technical lead and software developer to make improvements that will be implemented in the field as soon as travel is possible again.

For more information and to apply please visit:

User experience intern – # 3842611

User interface intern – # 3842613

Metadata intern – # 3842572

Content curator – # 3842570