A pitchfork hand sign silhouetted against the sun.Welcome to Fall 2020! Whether you’re here on campus or joining virtually from a different location, we’re excited to have you with us this semester. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted us all in different ways and brought with it a unique set of challenges. It has also given us the opportunity to do what we do best — to innovate.

So with innovation in mind, we’re happy to be welcoming in a new class of students to the Fulton Schools family, and welcoming back the engineers and technologists who already call the Fulton Schools home. Things may look a bit different from what you envisioned when you first set your sights on ASU, and we understand that — the pandemic has changed circumstances for us all. As you navigate your way through the semester, know that we’re here to help you work through any challenges and we remain more committed than ever to advancing the success of all our students.

For the past several months, we have been working closely with ASU leadership to offer flexibility in terms of your options for taking classes. For our students enrolled in our campus-immersion programs, these options include in-person learning in the classroom as well interactive remote learning into your classes using Zoom via ASU Sync. Our online students will continue to navigate their programs of study via ASU Online, and yet another option for some of our classes are “iCourses” for delivering online on-demand learning for our campus-immersion students. All these modalities provide a demonstration of one of the core tenets of our university charter: making education more accessible.

The charter also emphasizes responsibility for the communities that we serve, and in this case that means acting responsibly as a community to ensure our own personal safety but also protecting those around us. This is embodied through the ASU Community of Care — we’re in this together and we expect every student to act responsibly in promoting health, wellness and safety. If you’re on campus, wear a face coveringobserve social distancing and do your daily health check. These aren’t just suggestions; they’re steps each one of us must take to engineer a safe community.

As we progress through this semester, we are committed to working through the ups and downs that may arise over the next few weeks. We’re in a new environment, playing by a new set of rules and will continue to adapt and improve our classes and programs. Things sometimes might not go as smoothly as originally designed, but as engineers and technologists we will utilize our training to continuously improve. In particular, faculty will be utilizing new technology in classrooms enabling students to connect wherever they are, and there may be some glitches in the first week or so. Please be patient and work with your faculty members on any issues you may encounter.

We look forward to the upcoming academic year, are excited about what lies ahead, and want to urge you to do your part by taking advantage of our myriad of Fulton Difference activities and staying in touch with us. We look forward to a semester of helping you become the engineers and technologists who will keep the world moving forward.

— Dean Kyle Squires and Vice Dean Jim Collofello