InnovationSpace is a transformative experience, where you can build the skills of the future and develop your capacity for collaboration and innovation. Sign up for one of the diverse projects and work with clients, sponsors and interdisciplinary team members in a brand new space at the Novus Innovation Center.

Putting Data and Technology to Use for Community Health: In this course, you will have the opportunity to investigate how we can use raw air quality data currently being collected in South Phoenix, and turn that into information, tools, products, and policy that will protect residents’ health.

Bringing a New Technology to Life, and to Market: In this course, you will research and develop applications, tools and business models for a brand-new technology fromĀ  Michael Kozicki, a professor of electrical engineering.

Create a Science Museum for Children: For this project you will work to explore, imagine, and design new ways to get young minds excited about STEAM. See the Spring 2021 exhibits:

Re-imagining Entrepreneurship: You will tackle the challenge of redefining how entrepreneurship can jump start community development and explore ways to increase access to entrepreneurial skills and tools.

For all projects, InnovationSpace is accepting juniors, seniors and master’s students. Got questions? VisitĀ