SHS 461 Accent Modification flyer

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Professor Myra Schatzki has been a clinical faculty at ASU for over 10 years and a licensed and certified speech-language pathologist for over 25 years. She is the creator of this course. Schatzki is a certified TEFL/TESOL instructor. You will learn practical methods for acquiring English speech sounds to increase comprehensibility with a bottom-up approach. She trains and supervises speech-language student clinicians to provide the best-individualized training plan for accented speakers, regardless of their type of accent.

Schatzki is an immigrant with the first-hand experience of incomprehensible speech. She has presented at the American Speech and Hearing Association Convention on accent modification. She continues to attend workshops and training to provide students with current clinical methods. This course provides online recorded lectures with techniques for placement, manner, voicing, stress patterns and intonation. Labs will be synchronized through Zoom. You will have a team of clinicians working with you while the sessions are supervised by Schatzki and other licensed speech-language pathologists.

Contact Myra Schatzki or 480-965-9224 with questions.