Sign up for a Spring 2022 course to advance your engineering design skills

Starting Spring 2022, you can further advance your Engineering Design Skills to create actual design solutions for culturally diverse, real-life stakeholders with a truly interdisciplinary team!

FSE 394: Engineering for Humanity

Together, as a team of engineers and anthropologists, you will investigate and evaluate the culture and needs of a group, and work together to help solve problems. Some exciting opportunities include:

  • Hands-on application of engineering design.
  • Real-life customers.
  • An interdisciplinary experience.
  • Learning through fieldwork.
  • Interacting with culturally diverse groups.
  • Understanding socio-cultural considerations in engineering design.
  • The ability to give back to society.

The course is a single semester, upper-division class that will include numerous learning opportunities and activities, and two projects. Read the course syllabus.

This is a great experience to put on a resume, honor’s contracts will be offered (and this project could even be the start of your honor’s thesis) and it’s an upper-division tech elective credit for computer science, computer systems engineering, engineering management and industrial engineering majors.

For Spring 2022, FSE 394: Engineering for Humanity will be offered in-person, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1:30–2:45 p.m., in Engineering Center G (ECG) 141.

Questions? Email Marnie Wong at [email protected].