Seminar: InfoRich Connected and Automated Vehicle, April 7

Attend the next School of Manufacturing Systems and Networks seminar exploring the future of connected and autonomous vehicles.

InfoRich Connected and Automated Vehicle
Presented by Junfeng Zhao, GM Global Technical Center, Warren, Michigan

Thursday, April 7, 2022
10–11 a.m.
Santa Catalina Hall (SANCA) 151, Polytechnic campus [map] and Zoom


Connected and automated vehicle (CAV) is a transformative technology that could significantly reduce traffic accidents and improve the efficiency of transportation systems. There is also an increasing interest in the potential of future CAVs for reducing energy consumption in transportation sector. In this talk, I will introduce “InfoRich” eco-autonomous driving algorithm and system, which could substantially improve the energy efficiency by leveraging preview information as well as vehicle controls. I will talk about how the eco-autonomous driving algorithm is developed and implemented on top of a canonical software architecture for L3/L4 automated driving. Meanwhile, it has been a very challenging task to conduct quantitative real-world benefit assessment of eco-driving. I will show a comprehensive set of validation approaches, including large-scale simulation, in-depth simulation, vehicle-in-the-loop testing and road testing, which systematically support algorithm development and validation. I will highlight how the demo vehicle was instrumented with the sensing, connectivity, planning and controls modules. This demo vehicle is capable of conducting eco-autonomous driving, and communicating with traffic lights via V2I connectivity in real traffic environment. Finally, I will discuss my future research plan on developing intelligent and electrified vehicle, which can contribute to safer, cleaner and more efficient future mobility.

About the speaker

Junfeng Zhao is a Senior Researcher at General Motors R&D. He received his Ph.D. degree from the Ohio State University in 2015 (OSU Presidential Fellowship recipient); M.S. degree from the University of British Columbia; and B.S. degree from Tsinghua University. Zhao joined GM R&D in 2016, and he works as the technical lead of GM “InfoRich” project funded by ARPA-e NextCAR program. His research interests include energy optimization of CAV; CAV simulation and system integration; motion planning and controls; electrified propulsion system controls. He is the author of 20+ journal and conference papers, and he holds 10+ patents. Zhao has served as associate editor for the ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Conference since 2016. He has also served as session organizer for the American Control Conference and SAE world congress since 2018.