Fulton Schools alumni negotiate $500,000 in funding on Shark Tank

Congratulations to two Fulton Schools alumni out of The Polytechnic School — Jake Slatnick, technological entrepreneurship and management, and Eric Goodchild, electrical and embedded software engineering — who negotiated a $500,000, three-Shark deal on the October 14, 2019, episode of Shark Tank.

As an early TEM major — in the first class, on the first day of the program — Slatnick was active as president of the TEM club and Startup Village, launched several companies, was involved in the Clinton Global Initiative, served as a teaching assistant in the department and started two programs that eventually also turned into TEM courses. The Lunch Club, TEM 100: Seminar in Entrepreneurship bought in guest entrepreneurs each week to share their experiences with students and established a weekly gathering for students to pitch ideas during our office hours in Changemaker Central. Slatnick and Lecturer Jason Bronowitz would talk through students’ venture ideas and pitches with them, eventually becoming the first iteration of TEM 482: Startup Workshop.

Goodchild is an electrical engineer, avid pilot and Guinness World Record holder for most powerful Bi-Polar Tesla coil who has been building Tesla coils at the intersection of arts, media and engineering since high school.

You can purchase Shark Tank (season 11, episode 3) on Amazon Video or watch on ABC

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