CND Life Sciences is hiring for full-time digital pathology analysts!

The Digital Pathology Analyst (DPA) is responsible for developing digital pathology workflows, supporting and executing a number of commercial and research operations to help achieve CND’s commitment to high quality and scientific excellence. As a key member of the Pathology Department, the DPA will perform technical functions for whole slide scanning, including the routine operation and troubleshooting of the whole slide scanner(s), retrieval of glass slides to be digitized, QC by visual inspection of the generated whole slide images (WSI), selection of regions of interest, and prescreening of scanned images prior to pathology review.

In collaboration with pathologists and R&D scientists, the DPA will also design, develop, validate, and implement quantitative image analysis/artificial intelligence solutions and algorithms for digital interpretation of immunofluorescence slides for current and emerging neurodiganostics biomarkers at CND.

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