Fulton Schools of Engineering core values

A graphic featuring a human hand and robotic hand touching a brain with the words: Values, Bold thinking, Inclusion, Innovation, Excellence, Collaboration

The Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering has evolved, formalizing its core values and initiating a process to communicate them to Fulton Schools community members — our students, staff and faculty — and, in turn, our external stakeholders. In the past, the Fulton Schools has leaned heavily on the university’s ethos and its own Fulton Difference. This has proven effective and helped establish an identity and set of impacts that are now widely regarded and recognized. Our status as the largest engineering and technology university enterprise in the nation is well served by and, in fact, requires clearly articulated core values that help guide strategies for sustainable growth and increasing impact.

“In a fast-paced and innovative organization like ours, it is essential to clearly and consistently communicate our guiding principles,” says Kyle Squires, dean of the Fulton Schools of Engineering. “By doing so, every member of our community can use these principles to guide their individual and collective actions, helping us move forward in alignment with our core values.”

Our values

The Fulton Schools values are the result of more than six months of exploratory research, focus groups, surveys and reflection. Through that process, we have distilled those insights into five core values that define what we do and strive to achieve. At the Fulton Schools, we:

  • Cultivate excellence. 
  • Deliver innovation that matters. 
  • Encourage bold thinking.
  • Foster a community of learning and collaboration. 
  • Build a foundation for all to be successful.

While general in nature, the specific evidence of these values will be reflected in our professional and academic achievements, everyday behaviors and the actions we take in our work and study. What individuals experience, observe or read about the Fulton Schools will demonstrate the core beliefs we hold across this organization. Individually, students, staff and faculty will exemplify of our values in practice, and, collectively, reinforce impressions about our culture.