Submit a three-minute video to ASU’s CHART Film Festival by March 31 for a chance to win up to $1,000


The Global Security Initiative Center for Human, Artificial Intelligence, and Robot Teaming, or CHART, is hosting the CHART Film Festival — a video competition for ASU undergraduate and graduate student teams who are doing research in robotics or AI technology.

The mission of CHART is to “develop and deploy new technologies, tools and best practices for the composition, training, management and evaluation of human, AI and robot teams working together to support national and global security.” To further this mission and inspire the next generation of scientists, CHART is inviting teams of students to produce and submit short videos showcasing and telling the story of their team’s research to the public.

The winning teams will be awarded prizes of $1,000 for first place, $500 for second place, and $250 for third place. Winning videos will also be showcased in future CHART communications. All teams will walk away with a video they can use to explain and highlight their research teamwork to a broad audience, including friends, family, faculty members and future employers!

Submit your video by Friday, March 31, 2023!

Teams of student researchers (a minimum of two students on a team) will create a video up to three minutes long communicating their research and/or creative activity to a broad audience. This research should embody the mission of CHART. Successful submissions will:

  • Involve humans teaming with artificial intelligence and/or robots.
  • Highlight interdisciplinary research collaboration.
  • Create a compelling narrative that engages a broad audience.
  • Communicate the team’s research methods and/or their journey as researchers.
  • Emphasize rigorous scholarly and/or creative activity utilizing effective research methods.

Submissions should be uploaded to a video streaming site of the team’s preference. YouTube or Vimeo is preferred.

Learn more about current CHART projects in space exploration and human-AI teamwork.

The ASU Global Security Initiative Center for Human, Artificial Intelligence, and Robot Teaming. Technology teaming with humans for global security.