Academic Integrity Office Tips for Students: Don’t be “that student”

Academic Integrity Tips for Students

As final exams draw near, some students will study in advance, while others will procrastinate and wait until the very last minute to finish projects and cram for examinations. Are you one of those students making the difficult decision to choose studying over other distractions? If so, keep up the excellent work! If not, get your study habits corrected before it’s too late!

If you are a student in the procrastination group, remember: don’t put your friends into a difficult situation because of your poor planning! This means don’t be the person who asks a classmate to do something that could get both of you in trouble (cheat).

If another student asks you to cheat on an exam or engage in any other type of academic dishonesty, this puts you in a very serious situation, and it is important that you make a smart decision. Here are some ideas of how to respond:

  • Be determined to not participate in or support cheating in any way.
  • Remind the other person how much trouble both of you can get into for cheating.
  • Turn off phone notifications if someone keeps messaging you for your answers.
  • Keep your coursework safely secured; protect your answer sheets during exams.
  • If someone tries to talk to you during an exam, ignore them.
  • If someone continues to try to cheat off you during an exam, get up and ask the instructor if you can move to a different location.
  • If someone tries to pressure you into cheating or sharing answers, walk away, tell them no.

Please visit the Academic Integrity Office website and the Fulton Schools Resources page for links to the Fulton Schools Tutoring Centers and other resources that are available to support your student success.

When one of your classmates asks to see your answer sheet don't share it