NAE Grand Challenges for Engineering Speaker Series: Using AR/VR to understand complex problems, April 17

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Join us for the final event of this series for the spring 2019 semester! Dennis Bonilla, chief technology officer for Baltu Studios, will give a guest lecture “Learn to not fear the dragon: using AR/VR to understand complex problems,” on Tuesday, April 17, 2019!

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Attend the NAE Grand Challenges for Engineering Speaker Series: Connected Humanitarianism, Affordable Med-Tech and the Future of Global Health, April 9

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In partnership with the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) and Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network (KEEN), the Grand Challenge Scholars Program (GCSP) at Arizona State University (ASU) invite you to an engaging speaker series, focusing on the fourteen Grand Challenges for Engineering in the 21st Century and applying an entrepreneurial mindset. Esteemed speakers from across the nation will come to ASU to share their expertise in their field, discuss the grand challenges our world faces, and answer probing questions on what can be done.

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Come, breathe and de-stress at the Happiness Workshop, April 5–7!

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SKY (a meditation club at ASU) is holding a meditation/self-growth workshop called the Happiness Workshop from Friday, April 5 to Sunday, April 7, 2019. This is a three day workshop that teaches a person the healing art of meditation, centering breathing techniques and tools to reduce stress in one’s everyday life.

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Reduce your carbon footprint for Carbon Free Day, April 17

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Carbon Free Day flierThe Carbon Free Day campaign’s goal is to decrease ASU’s CO2 output on Friday, April 17, 2019 — preferably to zero!

Pledge to make a change! Choose from transportation, food, energy or create your own pledge to make a small change in your daily life to decrease your carbon footprint.

Stop by any of the Carbon Free Day outreach tables between Monday, April 1, 2019, to Monday, April 15, 2019, to receive prizes! Learn more about these opportunities.

If you’re interested in helping with Carbon Free Day’s tabling efforts, contact Emmery Ledin at Up to 15 sustainability committee members will receive a shirt for participating!

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