Join the Global Women’s Health Initiative! Attend the first meeting February 3

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Global Women’s Health Initiative is back for the Spring 2021 semester! Attend the first meeting of the semester to discuss what’s in store for this semester and a dive into the topic: Race and Health Equity. Learn more about how you can be involved and make a difference for women all around the world!

Global Women’s Health Initiative meeting
Wednesday, February 3, 2021
7–8 p.m.
Attend on Zoom

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Join a new club! Mathematical Organization for Rehumanizing Education

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Mathematical Organization for Re-humanizing Education is devoted to discussing articles primarily related to the racist structures in mathematics education and research, with a goal of synthesizing these ideas into concrete practices to promote anti-racism in the various colleges that focus on mathematics education.

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Vote for the ASU Luminosity Lab’s better face mask in the XPRIZE contest by November 25

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Luminosity Lab team member models their face mask design.

A student team within ASU’s Luminosity Lab designed a “Floe Mask” as part of a competition to create a mask people actually like to wear. It features an elastic chin cover, customizable colors and fabrics, and a bifurcated chamber — the air exhaled from the nose is kept in a separate chamber from the nose and mouth, reducing eyeglass fogging and temperature of the face. Photo courtesy of ASU Now.

Electrical engineering graduate student John Patterson, mechanical engineering undergraduate student Katie Pascavis, industrial engineering graduate student Tarun Suresh and other ASU students on a multidisciplinary team have a chance to win part of a $1 million prize purse in the XPRIZE Next-Gen Mask Challenge.

The team is part of the ASU Luminosity Lab and is one of the top 10 teams out of nearly 1,000 entries. Their task was to create a better, more comfortable, functional, affordable and stylish face mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The Luminosity Lab’s design includes an elastic chin cover, custom colors and fabrics and a feature that prevents glasses from fogging and reduces the temperature on the wearer’s face. Read more about the team and XPRIZE.

Vote for the Luminosity Lab team by Wednesday, November 25, 2020!

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