Calling all Spanish speakers — lend a hand for a capstone survey on the future of translation and linguistics

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United by Chocolate is a nonprofit and the goal is to make translation more affordable and attainable for our cacao chocolate industry, so that we can share information across cultures and around the world more easily. Now we need your help to learn what further progress we need to make.

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Register for the Ethics of Technology Entrepreneurship: Autonomous Vehicles summer course

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During the upcoming Summer B session, a unique course offering will explore ethical issues in technological entrepreneurship, specifically focusing on the implementation of autonomous vehicles. Topics will include:Cars driving on highway
  • How should communities determine policies on autonomous vehicles?
  • How should autonomous vehicles be programmed to make life-and-death decisions?
  • How should society navigate between what is technologically feasible and what is desirable?
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Join the two-day Sustainable Change conference on February 26 and 27

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We have entered a critical point as global citizens when it comes to the sustainable development of our future. The United Nations created the Sustainable Development Goals to help create a collective mission towards global wellbeing, and these measurable goals are set to be completed by 2030.

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