Joyce’s Career Tip of the Week

Joyce Donahue is a former coordinator of career development from the Fulton Schools Career Center. Read her archive of weekly career tips for Fulton Schools students.

Countdown to Career Fair in five weeks — Joyce’s Career Tip of the Week

It’s time or create or update your résumé! A well-crafted and effective résumé is not something that can be written quickly. Doing the job well requires a great deal of thought and serious introspection. You need to consider the reader. Recruiters and hiring managers look for the skills and experiences they listed in job descriptions….

Countdown to Career Fair in six weeks — Joyce’s Career Tip of the Week

You’ve made it through the first week classes and hopefully you are starting to adjust to your new schedule. I want to remind you that you only have six weeks to prepare for the Fulton Schools Spring 2017 Career Fairs! Peer career coaches are holding office hours and are ready to help you get ready….

Take time to reflect — Joyce’s Career Tip of the Week

Welcome back to campus and to the spring 2017 semester! A new year and a new semester create the perfect time for a fresh start. One way to maximize the opportunities of a new beginning is to take the time to reflect. Before the days and weeks get crazy with all you’ll have to do,…