It’s résumé season! Joyce’s Career Tip of the Week

You have just about a month to get your résumé ready for the Fulton Schools Career Fair. Students will sometimes tell me that they “do not have any experience.” Not all “experience” comes from paid positions! Give yourself credit for your experience.

You can show your technical skills and experiences through class assignments, student organization activities, competitions or personal projects. Employers like to see that your technical interests are part of your life outside of the classroom. Recruiters want to see your enthusiasm. Doing something because you want to, rather than because it was part of an assignment, has value. Be sure to include those experiences!

There are resources to help you with your résumé on the Fulton Schools Career Center website.

Get started now to revise, or create, your résumé. Start by working with a peer career coach. The coaches are back to work and holding office hours at various campus locations which are listed in Handshake.

Talk about what you want employers to know about you. It might take a few revisions to get the document to be what you want it to be. Start now, before assignments and activities take up more of your time. We are here to help you!


Joyce Donahue is a career counselor in the Fulton Schools Career Center. She is a Certified Career Counselor.