Happy Holidays! Joyce’s Career Tip of the Week

This is the time of year for celebrating. Many of you will be getting together with family and friends. Those of you who will be staying in the Valley should have opportunities to enjoy fantastic weather and special seasonal events. Personally, I love traditions. This includes continuing old ones, starting new ones and learning about those observed by others.

What does celebrating holidays have to do with careers? When you are sharing experiences and learning about others you are building relationships. Building relationships is the secret to successful networking. Learning about someone else’s culture, enjoying sporting or theatrical events together or meeting friends’ families can be opportunities to practice your interpersonal skills — and have fun at the same time.

All of us at the Fulton Schools Career Center wish each of you a season filled with pleasant experiences, valued friendships, delightful memory-making, good health and joy. Happy Holidays!


Joyce Donahue is a Certified Career Counselor in the Fulton Schools Career Center.