Internship/job search checklist — Joyce’s Career Tip of the Week

Employers are still in the process of hiring college students for internships and jobs. Take a few minutes to evaluate your search strategies. It may be time to make some changes or add new activities. Let’s review what you have done, so far.

Have you actively started your search? If not, log into Handshake and make an appointment with a career coach, ASAP!  Your coach can guide you through the entire process.

Are you actively checking job postings on Handshake? Have you set filters so that you are receiving emails telling you about positions that would interest you? Are you using Handshake to apply for positions (with a targeted résumé)?

Have you attended career fairs and applied for positions; but, have not gotten any interviews? It’s time to review your résumé and determine how you best need to market yourself to meet employer expectations.

Are you getting initial interviews but not making it to the next round? Schedule an appointment for a mock interview. Interview preparation and practice are critical.

In addition to Handshake, you should be using LinkedIn, GoinGlobal and other job boards. Are you connected with a professional organization representing your major? Student chapters are a fraction of the professional membership cost and the benefits of membership are many.

Finally, are you actively networking? Are you talking to your professors? Have you followed up with recruiters and professionals you have met throughout your college years? Do all of your friends and family members know what kind of work you are seeking? Many positions are filled because someone knows someone, who knows someone, who knows someone….

I have often said that job seeking is not a solo sport. It is a team sport and the larger your team, the better. Talk to people! Don’t let this process overwhelm you. You have a team of peer career coaches to help you. Use Handshake to make an appointment.


Joyce Donahue is a certified career counselor who works in the Fulton Schools Career Center