Getting the most out of Handshake — Jessica’s Career Tip of the Week

The first step in getting the most of out Handshake is to claim your Handshake account. Handshake asks the student to answer a variety of questions from their major and GPA to their ideal industries. When logging onto Handshake’s home page, at the bottom there is a list of jobs that are selected just for you based on factors like your major, GPA, if you require sponsorship and more. When beginning your internship/job search, this is the easiest way to apply to multiple jobs that you’re qualified for. If you’ve already uploaded your general technical resume to Handshake, applications can be submitted with a single click. However, make sure to apply directly to company websites as well!

You can continue your job search on Handshake through the jobs tab on the upper right corner. It’s a great place to look for available opportunities while also being able to filter out preferences such as compensation, internship or co-op, location and more. Once again, apply as early as possible, and through both Handshake and the company website. And keep in mind that those employers are specifically looking for YOU! Your completed applications are also saved in one place for your convenience. In the upper left search bar, you can directly go to the employer pages and star your favorite companies. This is my favorite feature on Handshake because it sends you emails whenever that company is hosting an info session, has posted an opportunity or is attending a career fair. Here, you can also network with company recruiters who share their contacts.

Following the jobs tab is the events section, home to all the information about Career Fairs. Once you click find career fairs, you are directed to the myriad ASU career fairs that are being hosted throughout the academic year, both in-person (on all campuses) and virtual. This is the best place to obtain information on the largest career fairs, including the bi-annual Fulton Engineering Career Fairs, where the most popular employers attend. This is also where you can register for the fairs so you can receive email updates, view the list of employers in attendance and view dates and locations.

The Q&A section is a place for students to connect and discuss employers and interviews. In my experience, it was extremely helpful when I was preparing for an upcoming interview with a company I had spoken to at the Fulton Engineering Career Fair. I learned of potential interview questions from students who already had interviews with that employer. In the students tab, you can also further connect with students across different universities, who have had experience with the employers you are wanting to connect with. The fourth tab is messages. Don’t overlook this, oftentimes employers reach out directly to students that they are interested in, telling them about upcoming applications or info sessions.

Next is, in my opinion, Handshake’s most useful feature — the Career Center tab! If you need help on writing your general resume, tailoring your resume to a specific position, a cover letter, salary negotiation, networking, searching for internships or are simply overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, Fulton Engineering Career Center is here for all your professional needs! Our services are free and we are open weekdays from 8 a.m.5 p.m., with every appointment type. Just click on Appointments → Schedule a New Appointment → Fulton Schools of Engineering, and make one or multiple appointments with our highly trained peer coaches and staff. Currently, we are conducting phone calls and zoom appointments.

These are the features I personally love and utilize on Handshake, but there are much more available that I have not mentioned. To explore them and get started with in your career journey, join and use Handshake today. Be sure to make appointments with the Career Center on anything else you may need. I hope this helped, and remember, we are here for you!

**This blog post was written by Aarya Mecwan, Peer Career Coach