Tips for the virtual interview — Jessica’s Career Tip of the Week

During this pandemic, technological advancements have been in use more than ever. People everywhere around the world are leveraging those advancements to work entirely remotely during this time and even interviews are being conducted virtually. In this blog, I will be discussing how you can ace those virtual interviews.

The first and foremost thing to remember before a virtual interview is to make sure that all the technology you’re going to use is working fine. In addition to checking your internet connection, video camera, microphone and the device you’ll be using during the interview, make sure to also check the location of your interviewer. Since the interviewer could be located anywhere in the U.S. or maybe in some other country, it is important to ensure that you know the right time of the interview. Always use the latest version of the platform on which the interview is going to be conducted.

Checking the environment in which you’ll be giving the interview is also really important. Make sure that everyone you live with is aware about the interview, so they don’t barge in during the call. It is necessary to avoid scheduling any kind of delivery during that time if you’re the only recipient available. Try to choose an appropriate background for your interview — a blank wall or bookshelf should suffice. If such a background is not available then make sure that it is neat, as you want to form a good impression on the interviewer.

Not all virtual interviews are going to be video interviews. The format of the interview depends on the company. Few interviews could just be an audio call between you and the interviewer. In case of a technical interview, it is highly recommended to have a headset ready to keep your hands free. If the interview is a video call, it is vital to dress professionally during the interview. Even though you’ll be giving the interview from the comfort of your home, a professional attire is still considered necessary.

Having talked about all these tips, virtual interviews are not different from an in person interview in terms of interview preparation. Start the preparation by researching the company and the questions they ask. Use resources such as Glassdoor to read about interview experiences of different candidates. Prepare and practice answers to FAQs available online. Your goal at any interview is to appear confident, competent and enthusiastic. Confidence can be attained by practicing before the interview, and you can book an appointment with the career center through Handshake, for a mock interview. Competence is usually judged by the elements of your resume, so make sure you know about everything you have mentioned on there. You can show enthusiasm by being excited about the position and the company, and you should have conducted your research to know specifics about the work culture or how the company solves problems.

Even after following all the suggestions mentioned in this blog, if you face an issue during the interview, it is very important not to panic. Keep a calm demeanor and try to work out the situation while you are in the interview session. All the best!

**This blog was written by Arnav Kasturia, Peer Career Coach