Getting ready for finals week — Jessica’s Career Tip of the Week

The priority for this week is preparing for your final exams. I know that this a stressful time for all of you as you are wrapping up yet another semester. Here, I provide some important tips that will be helpful to your mental and emotional health during final’s week:

  • Implement a study plan Create a study schedule and make sure your study sessions are impactful. You will want to create a study schedule and then follow it.
  • Create effective study groups Use your own judgement for this one! While study groups may be effective for you, you may decide that studying by yourself is more effective. However, you may find that studying in a group is more effective in order to retain the information.
  • Clear your space of distractions Make sure to silence your phone or put it away completely so you won’t be distracted. Avoid checking your favorite social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Now is NOT the time to get distracted with social media.
  • Eat right Make sure to eat balanced meals and have healthy snacks for when you get hungry. High protein foods are highly recommended to get you through this process.
  • Exercise This is VERY important! It has been proven that exercise gives you energy and helps your mind. As an avid tennis player, I can certainly speak to this point. Tennis provides the motivation I need to complete my work tasks more effectively. Tennis also helped me to retrieve more information as I was going through my own finals week when I was in school.
  • Sleep — Make sure to get a good night’s rest. Seven to eight hours a night is recommended in order to recharge for the next day. It is NOT recommended to pull all-nighters.

Lastly, remember to BREATHE deeply if you find yourself getting anxious, and know that finals week will come to end soon. With all of this being said, make sure to do WELL on your finals. Have CONFIDENCE in yourself and EXECUTE!