The job and internship search on GoinGlobal — Jessica’s Career Tip of the Week

This week we’re going to explore GoinGlobal, a resource that ASU provides for all students that you can access through your Handshake account. 

  • Go to Handshake.
  • Click on “Career Center” in the upper right hand corner by your name.
  • Choose the “Resources” option under “What can we help you find.”
  • In the search bar type “GoinGlobal.”
  • In the center of the page, under the GoinGlobal logo, click on the “GoinGlobal” hyperlink.
  • There are two links, one for “Country Career Guides” and another for “US Career Guides.”

The Country Career Guides provide valuable information for students who are preparing for a global career, getting ready to study abroad, or visiting other countries. Topics covered in this section include job search resources, nonprofit and volunteer organizations, industry and employment trends, top companies, tips on professional and social networking, cost of living, housing, work permits and visas, writing resumes and CVs, and cultural information.

Additionally, GoinGlobal is a great resource for international students who are looking for companies that offer internships or jobs and sponsor H1-B visas. The specific “H1-B” tab on the website enables you to search a huge database of listings from companies looking to hire international employees in the United States. 

The US City Career Guides offer similar information to the Country Career guides, but they are catered more to companies and jobs in the U.S. Resources here range anywhere from how to find a job, how to create a resume, and where to apply to networking opportunities and resources for actually living in a particular country.

GoingGlobal also provides some awesome resources for your job search during the pandemic. With remote jobs becoming more and more popular, one resource that is helpful in particular is a database for searching remote positions. Similar to job searching for all other positions, there are options to enter the keyword, occupation, country, and city. Simply go to the “Jobs” tab and select the “Remote Jobs” button to get started in finding the perfect remote job for you!

**This blog was written by Peer Career Coaches Lauren Monroe and Prashant Mokkapati