Participate in a Transcranial Direct Current Simulation Study and earn $15

The Motor Rehabilitation and Learning Lab is actively recruiting participants for a transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) study — participants will be paid $15 per visit to Bulldog Hall on the Tempe campus.

The purpose of this study is to test the influence of neurostimulation on our cognitive ability and our ability to learn a motor task. You may be tested on computer-based tasks in addition to having safe and non-invasive electrical brain stimulation for 20 minutes (if you are assigned to a stimulation group), and practicing a motor task. The first session will take 1–1.5 hours and the second session, if assigned, will take 15 minutes.

We are recruiting right-handed individuals over 18 years old. Before enrolling you in this study, we need to determine if you’re eligible to participate. Please read and consider the following questions carefully and truthfully. You are eligible for tDCS stimulation only if you have met all of these conditions:

  • Have NOT ever had a seizure.
  • Have NOT ever had a head injury resulting in a loss of consciousness that has required further investigation (including neurosurgery).
  • Do NOT suffer from migraines or frequent headaches.
  • Do NOT currently have a medical diagnosis of a psychological or neurological condition.
  • Do NOT have any metal in the head (outside of the mouth) such as shrapnel or surgical clips.
  • Do NOT have any implanted devices (e.g. cardiac pacemaker, brain stimulator).
  • Do NOT have a skin condition on your scalp. (e.g. psoriasis)
  • Do NOT have a head wound that has not completely healed.
  • Have NOT had an adverse reaction to tDCS, or any other brain stimulation technique (e.g. TMS, tRNS).
  • For female participants: are NOT to your knowledge pregnant.
  • Are NOT currently taking any prescribed medications or are self-medicating (including reactional drug use), other than the contraceptive pill.

If you are interested, please email our research team at [email protected] if you meet all of the above conditions (or not). If not, you can still participate in the control group. A member of the Motor Rehabilitation and Learning Lab will then be in contact to provide instructions for scheduling.

The research team will then coordinate scheduling your research visit and conduct a COVID screening.

COVID-19 Safety: This study is being conducted consistent with applicable local ordinances and University and CDC guidelines. Face coverings will be mandatory for the entire duration of the study, teams are scheduled to minimize the number of people present at once, and all surfaces will be sanitized between uses.