The hidden gem of online student success — Betty’s Career Tip

As an online student, there are many ASU resources to support your success. If you are unsure of the course curriculum, you have academic advisors. If you are having issues with coursework, you have professors, classmates and tutors available to you. When you are experiencing other academic challenges, you have success coaches. When you have questions regarding career and professional development, do you know to whom or where to turn?

Some of your questions or concerns may include how to:

  • Translate your class projects into a professional resume.
  • Locate an internship.
  • Utilize LinkedIn to build/maximize your network.
  • Research and join professional associations.
  • Conduct an effective job search.
  • Answer difficult interview questions.
  • Negotiate salary.
  • Transition into a new career.
  • Approach your current employer for career advancement.

The Fulton Schools Career Center is the hidden gem to your student success. The career center staff are a team of professionals who are subject matter experts and are up-to-date with career and employment trends to ensure the unique needs of Fulton Schools students are met. In addition, Peer Career Coaches are current students formally trained to provide assistance. As an online student, you have access to our services. Whether you are transitioning from a traditional student to the professional world of work, looking for advancement opportunities with your current employer or embarking on a new career, we are here to help.

Become familiar with our services by checking out the Fulton Schools Career Center website. Also, log into Handshake to utilize Optimal Résumé to help build your resume and GoinGlobal as an additional resource to search for internships and jobs within the U.S. and abroad.

Now that you know about us, schedule a virtual appointment by logging into Handshake. We look forward to partnering with you as you move toward your professional career goals.

Betty Boza is a Career Development Specialist in the Fulton Schools Career Center. She has a master’s degree in professional counseling and has the Master Career Counselor designation in the National Career Development Association.