Grad students, register for HSD 540 Responsible Innovation and Research

Photo of semiconductor technology from the STAM Center.

Are you a graduate student interested in responsible innovation and research? Register for HSD 540 – Responsible Innovation and Research, a course now available for Fall 2023.

Fall 2023; Mondays 12:00-2:45; EDBL1-28 (Payne), Tempe campus

Professor David H. Guston [email protected]

Responsible Innovation (RI) and Research is a vision of how values can best be incorporated into the practice of science, technology and innovation (STI). RI touches on other similar concepts like Public Interest Technology, Tech for Good, Just Tech and others. At their core, RI and its cognates understand that STI is not a value-free endeavor, and thus it is better to recognize those values and work with them to help assure that our investments in STI are attuned to the goals of science policy as well as to broader public values and the pursuit of a more just, democratic society. This class emphasizes bringing students to the forefront of the emerging scholarship around RI and related concepts, including perspectives grounded in justice, equity, diversity and inclusion; communicating with colleagues and public about values and RI in the practice of STI; and performing a real-world project, inquiry or intervention around RI. In Fall 2023, the course will feature three timely opportunities: the new mandate under the CHIPS and Science Act for NSF to address the “ethical and responsible considerations” of ALL the research it funds; ASU’s newest design aspiration, “Principled Innovation;” and the world premiere by Arizona Opera of an original adaptation of Frankenstein.