Conduct summer research in Germany, apply by Nov. 30

Do you want to take your research skills abroad? Arizona State Univerisity’s Office of National Scholarship Advisement encourages you to consider the DAAD RISE Internship. Open to U.S. citizens and international students, the DAAD RISE program offers second- and third-year undergraduate students in STEM the opportunity to complete a summer research internship at a German university.

There are over 578 internships available for this cycle. In their internships, students are carefully matched with doctoral students who serve as their mentors. The student and their German mentor decide the length of the internship. The minimum required duration is 10 weeks, the maximum duration is 90 days. The internship is a full-time paid opportunity and cannot be combined with other internships. DAAD covers the cost of airfare and provides a monthly stipend, health insurance, housing assistance and a travel allowance to the three-day RISE Germany meeting in Heidelberg at the beginning of July.

Last year, a record 18 ASU students completed research internships through DAAD RISE.

No prior research experience is required, but can be helpful. Knowledge of German is not required. To be eligible, all participants must be:

  • Currently enrolled at Arizona State University – can be U.S. citizen or international student.
  • Considered a second or third-year student based on your graduation date (Graduating May 2025 or May 2026).
  • Pursuing a degree in a STEM discipline.

ASU students who apply to DAAD RISE should contact Catherine Salgado, designated ASU-DAAD RISE advisor, for assistance on their applications. Don’t wait to get started! The application window is only six weeks – it opens Oct. 15 and closes Nov. 30. Students must prepare their materials before the deadline.

To apply:

  1. Register for a virtual information session on Oct. 24 or 26.
  2. Once you’ve attended an info session, register an application via the DAAD RISE website.
  3. Schedule an intake meeting with Catherine Salgado. In this meeting, you will discuss internship options, tips for preparing a strong application and join the ASU DAAD RISE Canvas page.

You may also watch additional student testimonial videos via our YouTube channel.