Volunteer at Career Exploration Night, Oct. 17

Students learn about what they need to do in college to get the career they want.

Support Fulton Schools students in their professional development at Career Exploration Night. The Fulton Schools Career Center needs volunteers for this fun, informal event at which first-year students to speak with experienced professionals and learn more about their careers and how to best make use of their time at ASU.

Share this opportunity with engineering, computer science and technical professionals. You can help our 4,000 new first-year undergraduates on their career journeys. Anyone with a formal education in engineering, computer science, information technology, technical management or related technical disciplines are invited to speak with first-year and transfer students about what you did in college to get to where you are now.

Industry guests and Fulton Student Organizations will be grouped at tables assigned to communities based on academic majors. Students, individually or in small groups, will move around the room and speak with professionals.

What will I do? Talk informally and be friendly. Share your knowledge with Fulton Scools first-year undergraduates. Represent your path from first-year college student to student professional to industry professional!

Answer students’ questions about why you picked your major, what you liked best, struggles you overcame, any internships and career-related extracurricular activities you did and what you are doing now.

Career Exploration Night @ Tempe
Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2023
Volunteer shifts 2–9:30 p.m.

Memorial Union (MU) Coconino 246, Tempe campus [map] for volunteer check-in
Sign up to volunteer and help make this event a success — Fulton Student Organizations can earn funding!

Professionals: Sign up to talk with students at this event!