The Block Editor Settings Sidebar

The sidebar of the WordPress block editor has lots of tools available to help ensure that your Inner Circle post is beautiful and accessible to your target audience.

The default URL for an Inner Circle post will include the month and the year of the expected publication date in addition to a hyphenated version of the post title. It is possible to change the hyphenated last part of the URL (called the slug) to make the URL for the post shorter or more memorable. 

  • Consider eliminating non-essential words like “and” and “the” from the resulting link.

For a MUCH shorter version of the URL for a post, don’t forget about the link shortening service. It is available within Service Now for free. See: for details.

Categories and Tags

You may indicate one of our pre-established categories for your event or news item by marking the appropriate checkbox.

  • Customize your experience: Posts in this category are Fulton Difference program opportunities or events related to Fulton Difference programs.
  • Opportunities: Posts in this category are all other opportunities available to Fulton Schools and ASU students.
  • Career: These posts are from the Fulton Schools Career Center about jobs and internships from Handshake, and career-related events.
  • Student success: Posts in this category are about resources including tutoring, academic integrity tips and other informational posts about resources that contribute to student success.
  • News: Did you, your student organization, your lab or other individual or group receive an award or do something notable? Tell us the who/what/where/when/why/how  in a news post.
  • Uncategorized: If you have a question about which category might be most appropriate, please submit the post with the category marked Uncategorized, and we will classify it correctly upon submission.
  • It is not appropriate to mark more than one category.

You may also indicate an appropriate tag or set of tags for your contribution. 

  • Begin typing a phrase or word into the box and if the phrase already exists within Inner Circle, it will be suggested for you. Do not add new tags. See a list of existing tags.
  • Be sure to tag the following when relevant:
    • Student type: graduate students, undergraduate students, online students, international students
    • Campus/location for events: Tempe campus, Polytechnic campus, Online
  • The marketing/communication team member editing your post may elect to recategorize or re-tag your submitted story in order for it to appear in the most appropriate place within the site. 

A featured image is an associated photo or graphic that can be used to provide some additional context to an event, opportunity or news post. You may upload an associated image using the controls in the right sidebar.

  • Clicking on the gray square to Set Featured Image will allow you to see all of the images uploaded into Inner Circle in the past.
  • You may upload your own image within this interface. 
  • You may not select a featured image that is already associated with another post or that has not been uploaded by you. All of the uploaded images are visible to you, but you may encounter an error if you select an image that is already in use someplace else.
  • If you did want to reuse an image from an older post, you can provide the URL to be reused via the Editorial Comments section of the editor.

Featured images display as the first piece of content within the body of the post. They are also used to provide a decorative thumbnail image that is associated with the post when it is listed in other pages across the site. 


The excerpt for your post or article is a short summary of the contents of the article which displays on some of the archive pages for categories and tags. WordPress produces an excerpt of a published post based on the first 50 characters within the body of the article. If additional descriptions are needed or if the first 50 characters don’t accurately summarize the article, you may choose to create your own.


Attached Flyer

You may also elect to upload an attached flyer for your event. These attachments to your opportunity or event will show up underneath the text just above the footer for the page. They will automatically have a “download” button associated with the attachment and should also include a thumbnail image of the PDF or attached document. 

  1. Click Add Flyer within the sidebar to upload your attachment.
  2. Once uploaded, change the title to a reader-friendly short title. For example, change “Student-design-comp-flyer” to “Student Design Competition.”
  3. Clicking on the Edit button will also allow you to change the given title of the document and to add a description. Both of those text fields will show up within the body of the post. 
  4. The attached file will not show up in the preview until the post is published.