Tips and Tricks

The WordPress block editor has some shortcuts which will make your life easier if you are posting multiple stories to Inner Circle.

Copy / Paste

Is your content already in a Google document or a Word document? 

  • You can simply copy/paste the body text from either source into the editor.
  • WordPress has recently made this process easier and will generally produce a clean result that is easily fixed or edited.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Pressing Ctrl-Option-H within the editor window will reveal a list of keyboard shortcuts. 
  • In addition, the editor supports most common Markdown commands as a type of keyboard shortcut.
  • Know the block you are looking for? Start by typing a “/” in the editor and a list of the most commonly used blocks will appear. Arrow down and type enter to select that block.

Common blocks

The complete list of blocks available within the post editor can be seen by clicking on the block inserter in the upper left hand corner. includes documentation about all core blocks. 

  • Most Inner Circle posts will use only paragraph blocks and heading blocks within the body of the post.
  • Images can be included in your post in one of two ways:
    • You may include a featured image that displays prominently at the top of the post.
    • You may also include an image block or an image gallery within the body of the post if the image requires additional context. 
  • Including a call to action? Consider using a text hyperlink instead of a button in the body of your post.