Fulton Schools — Evolving to increase impact and better meet society’s needs

This fall, the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering is introducing the School of Manufacturing Systems and Networks — an innovative new school focused on the engineering innovations and technology developments critical to industry 4.0, autonomous systems and processes, and systems engineering. Based on the Polytechnic campus, the new school is primed to address the next-generation challenges that will transform manufacturing systems and, through its students and faculty, create impact across its academic programs and research portfolio — all important to creating value and building connections across partners. Through the new school, we will broaden access for learners, advance student success within and outside the classroom, enable the research excellence of our faculty, and increase opportunities for comprehensive partnerships.

We are also excited to announce that the School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering has a new name. As of this fall, the school will be known as the School of Computing and Augmented Intelligence, or SCAI. Among other foci, the School of Computing and Augmented Intelligence will examine the assistive and complementary role that artificial intelligence has in enhancing human capabilities. The new name reflects how researchers, students and strategic partners are exploring the ways we bring computing, data analytics, cybersecurity, visualization, machine learning and AI to bear on decision making, creativity and responsible innovation.

As the Fulton Schools of Engineering continues to evolve and adapt to meet emerging societal needs, we are also reimagining The Polytechnic School. The Polytechnic School will build on its longstanding reputation as a solutions-focused hub for engineering and technology education and research and collaboration with industry. The Polytechnic campus has always been a place with unique programs and learning environments, where students have extraordinary opportunities to master new skills by addressing real-world challenges. The reimagining of our schools and the addition of the School of Manufacturing Systems and Networks is also pivotal to a transformation of the Polytechnic campus that includes investment in new infrastructure for instruction, research facilities and personnel that will elevate all of the Fulton Schools and the university.

This restructuring is an exciting opportunity for the Fulton Schools to strategically evolve in ways that allow us to increase our impact as we address critical societal challenges. In doing so, we seek to advance our academic programs, student experience, faculty research, partnership engagement and positioning to become a global leader in engineering education and research.

As we continue along this path, we want to ensure that we are evolving our structure in ways that not only allow for sustained growth but will position FSE to make the greatest possible impacts with educational and research experiences that prepare our students to succeed in any pursuit that awaits upon graduation and for our faculty to succeed at the highest levels of their discipline.