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National defense is a broad and ill-defined term as its connotation tends to relate directly to military intervention or war. One reason that connotation is so far off the mark is that the nature of defense has changed drastically over the last 2 decades. To clarify the complexity of “defense,” the Department of Homeland Security has delineated their strategic defense plan into six overarching missions:

  • Counter-terrorism and homeland security threats
  • Secure U.S. borders and approaches
  • Secure cyberspace and critical infrastructure
  • Preserve and uphold the nation’s prosperity and economic security
  • Strengthen preparedness and resilience
  • Champion the DHS workforce and strengthen the department

In this course, we will develop an app prototype that addresses issues in one of these six missions. Students will interview potential stakeholders, develop an idea, create a prototype, test their prototype and evaluate the buildability of their final prototype.

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