Academic Integrity Office Tips for Students: Honor Code

Academic Integrity: Respect, Integrity, Responsibility.

As an ASU student, you are part of a world-class learning community. Being a part of this special community holds both benefits and obligations. One of those obligations is to pursue your academic studies in accordance with the ideals outlined in the ASU Student Honor Code. Academic integrity is the cornerstone of everything that we do in the Fulton Schools of Engineering. If you are a student who did not participate in ASU 101 you might ask, what are the Fulton Schools ideals embedded in this very important code?

  • Respect: Students enhance the Fulton Schools learning community by respecting themselves, their instructors, classmates and ASU.
  • Integrity: Students complete their studies with honesty and the highest integrity.
  • Responsibility: Each student accepts their responsibility to model this behavior and expects the same commitment from their peers.

If you haven’t yet accepted the ASU Student Honor Code, take the pledge today!

Please visit the Academic Integrity Office website and the Fulton Schools Resources page for links to the Fulton Schools Tutoring Center and other resources that are available to support your success.

A graphic of a compass representing the integrity compass. Since you are on the right path, bring your classmates with you.