Academic Integrity Office Tips for Students — Your learning community

Academic Integrity: Respect, Integrity, Responsibility.

As a Fulton Schools student, you are part of a world-class learning community! Being a part of this community comes with both benefits and obligations. One way that we strive to live the Fulton Schools community values is by committing to two important expectations:

  1. The Fulton Schools Student Professionalism Expectation.
  2. The ASU Student Honor Code.

When you treat yourself and others as a professional, and you aim high with your expectations about completing your work with academic honesty, you feel better about yourself and provide an important contribution to the Fulton Schools learning community.

The Fulton Schools will challenge you but as you progress through the year, never forget your obligation to treat others with respect, complete your work with integrity and embrace your responsibility to expect others to do the same.

Please visit the Academic Integrity Office website and the Fulton Schools Resources page for links to the Engineering Tutoring Center and other resources that are available to support your student success.

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