Gain real-world experience in the aerospace industry — apply for this graduate course by March 22

Students in a classroom listening to a lecture

Honeywell Aerospace Technologies is working with graduate students in the technological entrepreneurship and management program in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering to develop new technology solutions. Graduate students in multiple Fulton Schools degree programs can obtain real-world problem-solving experience with industry.

Andrea Cherman, a professor in the management of technology graduate program in The Polytechnic School, part of the Fulton Schools, developed this collaboration with Honeywell Aerospace Technologies to give students the opportunity to work with industry professionals and equip them to propose solutions that combine technology and business.

Join an incubator-style course to work on issues in the aerospace industry using relevant technologies and solutions.

Apply to take part in the fall 2024 course by Friday, March 22, 2024.

The course includes 12 labs that happen over 12 weeks in which teams participate in weekly workshops delivered by company experts, faculty members and guest speakers. Topics relate to innovation and the intrapreneurial kickstarter phase of the class. Intrapreneurship involves managers within a company who promote innovation in product development or, in this case, problem-solving. Course participants receive mentoring and feedback to move onto the next phase of the course.

Near the end of the course, students are ready to pitch their technology business solutions. In addition to receiving credit for this project, Honeywell Aerospace Technologies has a kickstarter program where the teams whose solutions are chosen, will participate in a 100-day incubation process at the Honeywell Aerospace innovation space at ASU to further develop their idea in collaboration with Honeywell Aerospace experts.

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