Mechanical engineering major earns recognition with national scholarships

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Katie Pascavis

Katie Pascavis.

Mechanical engineering and global health junior Katie Pascavis was recently named a Goldwater Scholar and is among four nominees for the Udall Scholarship. Pascavis is a Flinn Scholar, an honors student in Arizona State University’s Barrett, The Honors College and she is pursuing a minor in sustainability. She is also president of Engineerins without Borders and works in the Luminosity Lab and the Nanotechnology Enabled Water Treatment Engineering Research Center on a variety of impactful projects. She plans to earn an environmental engineering doctoral degree and conduct research in the area of clean water access.

Pascavis is one of four outstanding undergraduates who earned 2022 Goldwater Scholarships, the most prestigious award in the U.S. for undergraduate researchers studying natural sciences, engineering and mathematics. She joins Fulton Schools electrical engineering major Jasmin Falconer, astrophysics major Claire Blaske and chemistry major Lauren Harstad as the ASU awardees — which for the first time are all women. Learn more about Pascavis’ research and what it means to be a Goldwater Scholar.

The Udall Scholarship is a national scholarship that honors sophomores and juniors who demonstrate excellence in leadership, public service, and Native American and environmental causes. Pascavis is one of four ASU sophomores and juniors nominated for the scholarship in 2022. The potential scholars apply in either the environmental or tribal policy and Native health care categories. Pascavis joins School of Life Sciences junior Nicole Kaiser in the environment category. Read more about the four Udall Scholar nominees and the significance of the Udall Scholarship.

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Newly admitted School for Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy students: Attend Registration Workshops

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Did you know that the School for Engineering of Matter, Transport, and Energy, also called SEMTE, offers Registration Workshops to all newly admitted students?

If you were recently admitted into aerospace engineering, chemical engineering, materials science and engineering or mechanical engineering, the first step in registering for summer or fall classes is attending a Registration Workshop, where you will interact with other students, meet your academic advisor and register for classes.

You can sign up for a date/time that fits your schedule by filling out the Pre-Registration Worksheet. After submitting the worksheet, an academic advisor will be in touch with you to assist with the transition process.

If you are interested in one of our programs, but found that you are not admissible, then you should attend our Prospective Student Webinar. At the webinar, you will meet with SEMTE Academic Advisors who will walk you through the admission criteria, discuss our programs in detail and answer any questions you might have. You will also receive suggestions regarding coursework if you decide to pursue one of our majors. You can sign up for a Prospective Student Webinar by filling out our Pre-Webinar Worksheet.

The SEMTE Academic Advising team looks forward to working with you soon!

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New first-year students and transfer students: Attend these Fall Welcome events, August 11–17

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Welcome to the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering! We have a host of virtual events lined up to help orient you to your major, help you get involved in student orgs and find resources to help you be successful at ASU.

Check out the highlighted Fulton Schools Fall Welcome events, or see what’s going on during ASU Welcome Week.

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New graduate students: Attend welcome events August 12–20

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Welcome to the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering! Newly admitted master’s and doctoral students are invited to join us for our Graduate Student Welcome! Meet other students and faculty in your school and learn more about your graduate studies.

Check out the highlighted Fulton Schools Fall Welcome events, or see what’s going on during ASU Welcome Week.

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ASU’s MyPath2ASU enhances the transfer experience for students

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Aerospace engineering major Valentin Madrigal

Aerospace engineering major Valentin Madrigal.

Valentin Madrigal is an Arizona State University transfer student from Central Arizona College. Inspired to pursue higher education to support his family, in addition to his fascination with space travel, he chose ASU for its renowned aerospace engineering program and anticipates that he will graduate in spring 2024.

As a first-generation college student, Madrigal chose to begin at a community college, as he struggled through high school and had very little knowledge of the American educational system. Coming from an underdeveloped part of Mexico that lacked a public education system, his parents had difficulties guiding him on his educational journey. He admits to having been an unmotivated student in high school because of impoverishment and family circumstances.

Convinced that he would never be able to go to college with his low GPA and ACT score, Madrigal joined the U.S. Army instead. With hard work and dedication, Madrigal is now a Phi Theta Kappa honor student who was able to fund his education using the GI Bill.

He took advantage of MyPath2ASU, a set of customized tools to help create a seamless transfer experience to ASU after a student earns credits or an associate degree from a U.S. community college or university. It allows students to choose from more than 400 pathways into an on-ground or online ASU degree program and have access to personalized benefits that help them navigate the transfer experience. By taking classes that transfer to ASU, students shorten their time to degree completion.

Learn more about Madrigal’s transfer experience.

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